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Tourist Guide Of Andorra 2

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Tourist Guide Of Andorra 2





Freestyle and extreme sports lovers? Welcome to paradise 360º eXtrem! Here, we are in the realm of skateboarding, free skiing, scooters, trampolines, parkour, etc. Forget about the constraints of the weather in this indoor center where the activity never stops. A very pro and passionate team dreamed this place, he was born in the Pyrenees. From beginners to professionals, all audiences are welcome. The facilities are excellent, and the qualified instructors are very attentive to the proper functioning and compliance with the rules. The “Freestyle” area has 5 trampolines and 2 impressive ramps (one in wood and one in snowflex) for the intrepid BMX, roller, skateboard, snowboard or ski. No worries for the reception, a deep pit filled with foam (foam pit) welcomes you after the big jump. The “Skatepark” area is big, with a bowl of fury. Finally, the “Jumping” area is the last wonder of 360º eXtrem. For even more fun and boost adrenaline: two trampolines to play slam dunk; another area of ​​several horizontal and vertical trampolines; and a track for group play at Dodge Ball Court (two teams challenge each other with the trampolines to eliminate each other with softballs) and Dodge Attack (again two teams must hit the rival target among trampolines). The little ones are also welcome in the “Soft Play Area”, perfect for taking the first steps in climbing and develop its motor skills.



Linking Mitjavila Avenue to Europa’s Council Street, this stunning contemporary bridge has a span of 45 meters and is adorned with two steel spheres that make it unique in the urban landscape of the capital of Andorra. It was built in 2005 by architect-engineers Leonardo Fernandez Troyano and Guillermo Ayuso Calle.

Address and contacts:
Andorra la Vella

Information and schedules on PONT DE PARIS
Free access.



This Romanesque chapel built in the 12th century and modified many times is located on the border of Andorra la Vella and Escaldes, north of Valira. Its nave is rectangular in shape while its east-facing apse is semicircular. Inside the church, one can see paintings of Carme Mas representing the life of Sant Andreu as well as the families and friends of the Andorran artist.


During the summer of 2012, this vast excavation site made it possible to discover some of the most important vestiges of the Principality, which allowed – partly – to revisit the archaeological history of Andorra. For those who wish to know more about the medieval habitat in Andorra.

Information and times on GISEMENT DE LA MARGINEDA
During the months of July and August, the site is open every day from 10am to 14h and from 16h to 20h. Guided tour. Entry: 5 €.



8 km from Sant Julià de Lòria, the adventure park of Andorra, Naturlandia, offers visitors fun and sports activities in a naturally idyllic environment while respecting the environment. The park consists of 2 sites on two altitudes at 1,600 m and 2,000 m.


It is in Engordany, ancient village, that the first proven traces of a human presence were found, these dating back to the 2nd century BC But it is from the 15th century that the warm waters and sulphurous have made Escaldes famous. A real wealth to develop a flourishing textile industry. The quality of these waters made it possible to dye and wash the wool. This development of the city quickly benefited the Engordany village in the 18th century.

Today, Escaldes-Engordany takes advantage of these waters at nearly 70 ° C proclaiming spa. It is not for nothing that it bears this name, since Escaldes comes from scalda, which means hot water. It is also a very important tourist, commercial and industrial city.

It is difficult to distinguish Escaldes-Engordany from Andorra la Vella as the two cities meet in perfect continuity by their respective main avenues (Carlemany and Meritxell). So we go from one to the other without transition. Do not hesitate to get away from the noisy Carlemany because you will find all kinds of nice addresses, especially for lunch, in the perpendicular streets.




About 2 km from Canillo is the thousand-year-old sanctuary of Meritxell that can be considered as the Lourdes of Andorra.

The beautiful legend that tells the birth of this chapel deserves to be told. One Sunday, January 6, a year of uncertain date, some inhabitants of the hamlet of Canillo went, as usual, to mass. What was not their surprise to discover, not far from the road, a rosehip flowering in this season! They discovered at the foot of the shrub, a wooden statue of the Virgin and her son. The statue was then placed in the church of Canillo to dedicate an altar to it. The next morning, the virgin was gone! She was found at the foot of the same rose hips, still in bloom. It was put in the church of Encamp, from where it disappeared again. It was then that the snow began to fall in abundance, except on the rose hips and its surroundings. The faithful understood that the mother of God would leave neither the mountain nor this place. This is where the first chapel of Meritxell was built. On September 24, 1873, the Council of the Valleys, in extraordinary session, put under the protection of the Most Holy Virgin of Meritxell all the territories of the valleys of Andorra and sent a supplication to the pope to obtain a papal bull for it to be consecrated patroness of the valleys. On May 13, 1914, Pope Pius X sent the bull to the satisfaction of the Andorran people. The terms of this agreement were carved in a marble block at the entrance to the chapel. The Virgin of Meritxell was canonically crowned on September 8, 1921 by the Cardinal Archbishop of Tarragona, Msgr Vidal and Msgr Barraquer. On the night of September 8-9, 1972, the old church fell prey to the flames. Fortunately, the architect Ricardo Bofill, came to his rescue by putting all his talent to restore its splendor. Every year, on the 8th of September, for the National Day, the Andorrans meet at the Meritxell Sanctuary for a big celebration. It is the most visited monument in the Principality, especially since 2014 when Pope Francis awarded it the distinction of minor basilica.

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Created in 2004, the Perfume Museum offers a discovery of the history of fragrances through more than a thousand vials, from ancient Egypt to today. The Museum offers the opportunity to discover the fascinating world of aromas and their creation and hosts various temporary exhibitions throughout the year, as well as the presentation of novelties in perfumes and cosmetics of the best brands. Multimedia content and an innovative system of audioguides invite visitors to immerse themselves in the adventure of great perfumes and perfumers, from Coty to Chanel and René Lalique. Like a nose, find your scents and even create your own perfume …

Address and contacts:
1st floor of Júlia center
Av. Carlemany, 115
Andorra la Vella

Information and times about FRENCH MUSEUM
Open Tuesday to Friday from 10h to 13h and 16h to 20h. Saturday from 10h to 14h and 16h to 20h. Sunday from 10h to 14h. Closed on Mondays. Price: 5 €. Passmuseu accepted. Guided tour or free with audioguide (duration 1 hour). Last visit: 30 min before closing. Languages: Catalan, Spanish, French and English. Maximum 60 people per visit. Space adapted for people with reduced mobility.



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